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We all have times when we need some help to make every day living a little easier. Our mission, quite simply, is to help address some of these tasks, and make them easier, simpler and quicker to enable you to live life and enjoy your independence.


Bending for fallen items or reaching up high can be a real hindrance to independent living. The Helping Hand Company’s ‘Reaching made easy’ range comfortably helps you to deal with those everyday tasks, leaving you free to live your life.

The Classic

The number 1 selling reacher just got better. Enhanced functionality, comfort and grip, for easy retrieval of fallen items. The Classic is available in a range of lengths to suit all situations, and is also available as a fold down version for even easier storage.

  • A magnet at the tip of the Gripcert (R) jaws to pick up small metal objects.
  • A hooked trigger to aid with dressing, and a handy stick clip to keep your classic easily at hand.
  • Lifetime Guarantee!
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High or low, between narrow gaps there’s no end to the places you will be able to safely reach. Designed with maximum usability and minimum fuss and effort.

  • Precision pick up rotating head, the Handi-grip gets into all those awkward places, high or low.
  • The new Gripcert (R) jaw has softer lips and traction grip for a positive pick up of even the smallest most delicate items.
  • Lifetime Guarantee!
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As many of us know, daily independence sometimes needs support when we are out and about, not just in the home. We have a range of tools for the garden or outside in general, from picking up that pesky bit of litter to tidying up after your pet. We do have a sister website if you'd like more information on our complete outdoor range, but below is a snippet of the key products you might find interesting.


The Litterpicker® range is easy to use, dependable and the world’s #1 selling litter clearance hand tool.

  • All you need for outdoor litterpicking activities, whether in the garden or out and about
  • Lightweight and comfortable to use
  • So handy for those outdoor reaching tasks - getting leaves out of the gutter or a crisp packet from the hedge, you'll wonder what you did without it!

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The perfect accompaniment to your Litterpicker, keep that pesky bin bag open, windy weather or not, with this Handihoop Bag Opener.

  • Simple, all-in-one tool
  • Comfy handle, whether you're wearing gloves or not
  • Yellow clips to keep the bag open, visible against the black bin bag or even in a dark garden shed!

Handihoop Product Page ( website)


Are you a dog owner? Fed up of bending down to clean up after your pet? Want to keep your distance between you and the mess?

  • Available in a longer size for cleaning up the mess from standing, or a shorter version to take on dog walks
  • Can be used with or without poop scoop bags, it's up to you!

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The ideal accessory for golfers everywhere - no more over-stratching to load you tee and golf ball, 18 times over!

  • So simple, load your tee and ball and place in the ground from standing
  • Lightweight and the perfect size to fit into your golf bag
  • Also handy for when the golf ball goes astray and doesn't quite land on the fairway!

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We have specialised in sit to stand assistive technology to help keep your clients on their feet for as long as possible. For those at risk - fall prevention; declining mobility or as part of rehab programme post stroke for example, the Cricket can really make a difference – and deliver real care cost savings, guaranteed. Available with a Panache or Vinyl seat.

The Cricket

Sit to stand active transfer technology to help keep mobile, on your feet, for as long as possible and support the rehabilitation process, in all care settings.

  • Lightweight and compact, the Cricket is a quick, simple and effective way to transfer from room to room in one easy step. Freewheel to wherever you want, it really does turn on a sixpence!
  • Easy to get on and off, encouraging full participation, using existing mobility to promote dignity and independence. Ideal for those who can weight bear but with little or no walking ability.
  • Easy assisted transfers, can safely use with only one carer to support. Height adjustable to accommodate multiple user setting.
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Safety, comfort and quality of life are the key underpinning principles for our clients who require assistance in seating. A correctly fitted seat, when used alone or in conjunction with other equipment provision, will ensure good posture, pressure care and comfort.


The original high performance memory foam cushion with high fluid like conformity – day long support.

  • High memory means the cushion only returns to its original shape very slowly after compression, eliminating bounce, absorbing shock and reducing shear.
  • In a sandwich construction the cushion can be used any way up, any way round.
  • Options include Eco, Lowzone, Amputee and Urizone for tailored support

Lowzone Product Page


The flexible alternative to memory foam, Flexizone is a simple, yet effective cushion for those at risk of developing pressure sores.

  • Series of geometrically cut sections operate independently to promote even weight distribution.
  • Available in standard and low profile to achieve best compatibility to everyday living activities.
  • Can be easily accommodated in hospital and community based seating arrangements as well as wheelchairs.

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Sensitive relief in seating – the Comfyzone has been designed to provide comfort for those patients who have undergone perianal surgery/treatment.

  • Immediate comfort for those with especially bony prominences/elderly/frail; incorporating Lowzone with the extra conformance and built in postural support.
  • It is also suitable for patients with coccyx pain or those who are unable to tolerate loading on the sacral area for various reasons.
  • Designed and developed in conjunction with the OT Dept at the Royal Preston Hospital.

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A static cushion that thinks its active! Airzone is the next generation cushion technology – delivering clinical efficacy for patients at risk and with existing pressure sore damage.

  • Heavy duty performance, it weighs less than 1lb but will accommodate clients up to 25 stone/159kg.
  • Additional postural support adaptations help address the more complex seating needs
  • Enormous size flexibility to accommodate both small/large, hospital/community/domestic settings.

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Complete CELL LOCK technology – unprecendented positioning and stability, unlike any air cushion ever seen before.

  • Lock technology – allows you to easily address asymmetrical seating issues. Enabling the isolation of individual air cells and customised non-contact areas, whilst enhancing stability and overall postural control.
  • Maintain skin integrity by delivering therapeutic, low pressure, low shear, low friction seating environment.
  • For the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers - by greatly decreasing peak pressures, blood flow is maintained for tissue viability.

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