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We all have times when we need some help to make every day living a little easier. Our mission, quite simply, is to help address some of these tasks, make them easier, simpler and quicker to enable you to Live life and enjoy your independence.

We understand the challenges faced with independent living differ from room to room in the home. This page is dedicated to the various options available that can make a difference in the bedroom.


Multi-purpose, the reaching aids can help with the awkward daily routines we all have to face, from opening and closing curtains, picking up fallen items or reaching up high, to the sometimes not-so-easy task of getting dressed. Plus, they all have a Lifetime Guarantee, so it really is a once in a lifetime purchase.


The original and number 1 selling reacher of choice – The Classic - available in various lengths and styles to match your needs.

  • A jaw that's gentle against the skin, and a comfortable handle to avoid finger and wrist strain
  • Handy design with a hooked trigger to pull on clothes and a magnet at the end for those safety pins and other small items
  • Folding option for travelling and storage

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Designed for maximum usability and minimum effort you will be truly amazed what you can use the Handigrip for. High or low, between narrow gaps there’s no end to the places you will be able to safely reach.

  • Soft jaws that are easy on fabric and against skin
  • Rotating head shaped like a human hand that helps you get to the most awkward places, as well as helping you see what you're picking up
  • A choice of two lengths, 26"/66cm, 32"/80cm

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Every day tools to help with getting dressed. Socks, stocking, support hosiery, footwear and even clothes can be much easier and faster with this range of clever ideas. Ideal for those who may have limited range movement or are at risk of a fall when bending over.

Shoe Helper

Probably the most independent dressing aid of its kind! Simple squeeze trigger to operate the multi-use jaw. A really handy tool for all around the house.

  • Getting dressed, put on all types of footwear and reach what you need – all in one!
  • Hooked trigger helps with pulling round clothing.
  • An ideal alternative to heavy metal shoe horns.
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Simple, low cost solution for socks and stockings. Simple and inexpensive, the Foxy gives assistance in putting on socks or stockings especially if bending or reaching to the foot is difficult.

  • Quick and easy to use with full user instructions included
  • No maintenance required, just simply wipe clean
  • Suitable for all general types of hosiery

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The one that really works! No more bending down to get dressed.

  • Super absorbent bamboo fabric has built in hygiene properties
  • Integral looped handles can be used by holding in hands or on the wrist to pull on hosiery
  • Gentle against the most fragile skin

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Independent help with all types of hosiery especially compression.

  • Available in 2 sizes: Ezy-on Tall can be used from seating or lying position; the Ezy-on Small simply step into
  • Ezy-on Small an ideal tool for carers to make dressing quicker and easier
  • Easy to maintain, wipe clean
Ezy-On Product Page


Maintain your independence at home with this handy tool. Help moving your legs in and out of bed, wheelchair, seat, car.

  • Invaluable way to help improve blood flow into your legs by lifting and lowering your limbs manually
  • Comfortable padded handle can be held in the hand or on the wrist
  • Large loop at the bottom for easy access and can be used with a cast.

Leg-Up Product Page

Shoe Horn

Wrestling your feet into shoes will only damage the heel and reduce the lifespan of your shoes. The shoe horns help guide your feet in.

  • 21”/52cm extra long avoids bending down.
  • Smooth shoe horn blade is gentle against the skin
  • Handy curved end can be used with dressing too!

Shoehorn Long Product Page

Hip Kit

All those essential items in one kit, making it easier, faster and simpler to get up and go, and enjoy the day!

  • Including the Handi-grip, Ezy-On Small, Shoehorn, Leg-Up, Long Handled Sponge
  • Ideal for those who may have limited range movement recovering from hip surgery, dressing one handed, or anyone who may be at risk of a fall when bending over – regardless of how young or old.
  • Handigrip can be substituted with the Classic; the Ezy-On can be substituted with the Soxon.

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Safety, comfort and quality of life are the key underpinning principles for our clients who require assistance in seating. A correctly fitted seat, when used alone or in conjunction with other equipment provision, will ensure good posture, pressure care and comfort.


The original high performance memory foam cushion with high fluid like conformity – day long support.

  • High memory means the cushion only returns to its original shape very slowly after compression, eliminating bounce, absorbing shock and reducing shear.
  • In a sandwich construction the cushion can be used any way up, any way round.
  • Options include Eco, Lowzone, Amputee and Urizone for tailored support

Lowzone Product Page


The flexible alternative to memory foam, Flexizone is a simple, yet effective cushion for those at risk of developing pressure sores.

  • Series of geometrically cut sections operate independently to promote even weight distribution.
  • Available in standard and low profile to achieve best compatibility to everyday living activities.
  • Can be easily accommodated in hospital and community based seating arrangements as well as wheelchairs.

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Sensitive relief in seating – the Comfyzone has been designed to provide comfort for those patients who have undergone perianal surgery/treatment.

  • Immediate comfort for those with especially bony prominences/elderly/frail; incorporating Lowzone with the extra conformance and built in postural support.
  • It is also suitable for patients with coccyx pain or those who are unable to tolerate loading on the sacral area for various reasons.
  • Designed and developed in conjunction with the OT Dept at the Royal Preston Hospital.

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We have specialised in sit to stand assistive technology to help keep your clients on their feet for as long as possible. For those at risk - fall prevention; declining mobility or as part of rehab programme post stroke for example, the Cricket can really make a difference – and deliver real care cost savings, guaranteed. Available with a Panache or Vinyl seat.


  • Versatile - transfer from sit to sit, sit to stand, room to room... And is compact enough to use in the smallest room in the home
  • Good physical and physiological benefits
  • Faster and easier for health professionals – allows transfers with the assistance of only one carer

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