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The biggest block to independent living can often stem from the smallest room in the house. Our thoughtful range of essential aids restore the freedom of independence in the most intimate of situations.

Ergonomically designed to work intuitively and effectively, without complicated installation or the need for technical know how.


Surefoot Bath/Shower Board

The next generation Easy fit bath/shower board to let you enjoy having a wash safely and easily.

  • Safe – Clunk click fix in seconds – when correctly locked in place, it's staying there. Built-in fixing guide ensures safe fitting each and every time used. Sturdy handle option for added security when transferring and seated.
  • Simple – unique all in one design combines the different shapes and sizes of conventional products in one! Transfer down into the bath or simply sit and take a shower.
  • Adjustable – designed to fit, it will accommodate over 97%* of conventional products fitting where many others cannot (*sorry will not fit a corner bath)
Surefoot Bath/Shower Board Product Page

Surefoot Bathseat

Working in conjunction to the bath/shower board or as a stand alone product, the Surefoot Bath Seat range ensures a perfect seated wash.

  • Quick to fit and easy to use – guaranteed clunk click fix in seconds, every time
  • Will sit neatly into the curve at the back of the bath to enable you to stretch out your legs
  • Simple height adjustment to suit you: 8”/20cm – 12”/30cm with the addition of leg extensions

Surefoot Bath Seat Product Page

Kingfisher Bathboard

First of its kind, this bathboard provides a smooth comfortable seated surface to make washing safe and easy.

  • Attractively designed with integral quick draining and soap tray
  • Independently adjustable feet allow it to be fitted right into the curve at the head of the bath
  • Easy to fit, no tools required. Optional handle.
Kingfisher Bathboard Product Page

Kingfisher Bathseat

Take the worry away of getting out of the bath, these bath seats are designed to make bathing more relaxing and safe. Can be used with the Kingfisher bathboard as a set or on its own.

  • Easy to fit, highly practical bathroom accessory
  • Reassuringly stable, comfortable and secure
  • Compact, light and portable, easy to store when not in use
Kingfisher Bathseat Product Page

Bathroom Long Handled Accessories

For washing those hard-to-get-to areas: shoulders, back, legs, feet, you have three to choose from! All have comfy-grip (R) handle and can be bent to shape.

  • So simple it's brilliant. Sponge all over gently and effectively without absorbing too much water.
  • Exfoliating model helps improve circulation with added scrubbing action.
  • You don’t have to be able to touch your toes to wash them! Cleverly extend your reach without bending or stretching.
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Unifix Toilet Seat Raiser

If getting down is worrying and getting up is difficult, the Unifix could well be the answer.

  • No fiddly fitting, clamp securely by tightening single screw at the back, onto any UK toilet.
  • Contoured for extra comfort, sloping gently forward for easier sitting and standing.
  • Can be fitted to toilet seat or ceramic for a height to suit you
Unifix Raised Toilet Seat Product Page


We have specialised in sit to stand assistive technology to help keep your clients on their feet for as long as possible. For those at risk - fall prevention; declining mobility or as part of rehab programme post stroke for example, the Cricket can really make a difference – and deliver real care cost savings, guaranteed. Available with a Panache or Vinyl seat.


  • Versatile - transfer from sit to sit, sit to stand, room to room... And is compact enough to use in the smallest room in the home
  • Good physical and physiological benefits
  • Faster and easier for health professionals – allows transfers with the assistance of only one carer

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